Victim Live Streams Her Story of Plane Molestation, Beijing Tech Boss Perpetrator Released

The woman involved in the sexual molestation case that landed a Beijing high-tech executive in jail for five days says she's just a student seeking justice and not an online celebrity using the incident to get more popular.

Zhang Yang Yang accused Galaxy S Chief Operating Officer Li Yuanjie of groping her breast on a January 3rd red-eye flight from Shenzhen to Beijing. Last night she told her side of the story via on online streaming broadcast on and in interviews with The Mirror.

In the interviewsZhang says she's nothing but a student and was unkempt and not wearing revealing clothing at the time of the incident. She adds that she's not using this event to advance her online popularity and insists she's only after a face-to-face apology from Li.

Meanwhile, this morning at 9.55am, Li was released after completing five days in administrative detention in a Chaoyang district detention center. He left the facility wearing a mask and dark glasses and was picked up by two unidentified men in a black Audi A6L.

He departed without saying a word, though one of his friends pushed journalists out of the way and said, "Don't be like that, dude, If you need something, talk to me later, right now's not a good time to talk," The Mirror reports.

Li previously denied the molestation, saying that he had even moved out of the way after Zhang had swung a leg in his direction while asleep in her seat next to him.

After the incident, many online commenters found Zhang's online streaming channel on and speculated that she had in some way staged or used the incident to drum up new followers.

"Everyone says I'm an Internet celebrity – actually I'm just a student and I'm not one of those people who will do anything to get famous," Zhang asserted. What she wants is not victory in the court of public opinion, but justice.

Zhang added that she wants to stand up for other female friends who have encountered this same situation and tell them not to back down, even though many people might curse them out.

She also maintains that she had no idea that Li was the COO of a web company until she later searched for his name online. "Such a heavyweight picking on a little girl ... it made me determined to protect my rights!"

She then joked that if she was after fame and fortune, she should have targeted Wang Sicong (the playboy son of one of China's richest men, Wanda CEO Wang Jianlian), not a COO with very few followers on Weibo.

Zhang initially reported the incident via a Weibo account she had set up specifically to document the incident. Later she live streamed details of the incident via Huajiao, but has been deleting her account history after each successive broadcast.

"At the time I decided to create a second, smaller account to broadcast this incident – I didn't use my large [main] account," she described. Zhang erased her posting and broadcasting history for fear that people would accuse her of making the accusations just for publicity's sake.

After making the broadcast, she once again deleted the content of the account. The Mirror journalists noted however that her account had been gifted 160,000 "Huajiao coins," currency used on site for users to "tip" broadcasters they like. One Huajiao coin is the equivalent of 1/10th of RMB 1, so the broadcast likely netted Yang Yang somewhere close to RMB 16,000, The Mirror concluded.

However, she denied being paid directly by for her efforts and has never signed any contracts to do any broadcasts.

She was also surprised to find how far and wide the whole thing has gone.

She said she wasn't wearing any makeup on the plane, and in her own words, looked "very ugly."

"That night I was super tired and was not wearing any makeup – not like they were saying online," she said, while flashing the selfie she took at the time to journalists. "I was telling my friends how ugly I looked – I hadn't washed my hair and it was super greasy, and I was wearing a big black shirt, not anything revealing."

Images: The Mirror


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