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Three Years after MH370's Disappearance, Beijingers Remain Forgotten
Three years ago Wednesday morning, a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 took off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport.
Victim Details Her Story of Plane Molestation, Beijing Tech Boss Perpetrator Released
The woman involved in the sexual molestation case that...
Beijing Tech Exec Loses Job, Jailed for Airline Sexual Assault
The top executive of a Beijing-based tech company has been jailed for five days and subsequently resigned for allegedly groping the breast of a wo
Trump Hotels in China; Fly Virgin to Australia; Air China's New No-Check Baggage
Will Trump Hotels come to China?
Talking Travel: Another Look at Air China
Air China (CA) has been an occasional...
Here's Things We'd Like To See When World's Largest Airport Opens in Beijing in 2019
Well well well, not satisfied with T3's monster size, construction of Beijing's new massive airport – set to be the world's largest – is well unde
Possible New Debris from Malaysia Airlines MH370 Found in Mauritius
A piece of possible aircraft debris may give investigators more clues about the fate of Malaysia Airlines...
Days before Second Anniversary of Crash, Reports of New MH370 Debris Surface
With the second anniversary of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 coming up next we
Ireland Named China's Favorite Destination; Joining China's Travel Blacklist
Considering that only 45,000 People Republic of China passport holders visited the country in 2015, it seems rather strange that China's Trave
Ways to Make Your Spring Festival Departure More Enjoyable, or at Least Easier
Many Beijingers are heading out of town even as your correspondent writes this.
Dragonair Rebrands as Cathay Dragon
One of the longest-operating brands in Asian aviation is getting a new name and a new look, as Dragonair becomes...
2015 in Review: Our Top Travel Stories from Beijing and Beyond
We did a lot of traveling in 2015 (platinum status – self high-fi
Smog grounds Beijing’s flights on a far from Merry Xmas Day
World-class airline radar and flight control systems are apparently no match for Beijing's thick blanket of smog, as hundreds of flights were canc
Leave Early for The Airport and Other Beijing Holiday Tips
This is a bit of a skills review for the experienced traveler, but as holiday travel is always a bit more intense than normal, some of these tips
Beijing Capital International Airport Named World's 10th Best by Skytrax
Global air travel passengers have voted Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA) the 10th best airport in the world for 2015, according to an