Infographic: The Differences Between Mobike and Ofo

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As the ride-hailing wars have disappeared, the latest war is bike-sharing (more like bike-rental), with Mobike and Ofo leading the pack.

In case you weren’t sure how exactly they are different, Wake Me Chat has made this handy infographic:

Mobike’s technology seems to be a bit better, but how either company is actually making money is still a big question mark. Click through to Wake Me Chat to see a more in-depth description of the infographic. 

Images: Wake Me Chat


In Haidian District, designated parking areas for bike-sharers have cropped up. The Chinese characters say: "海淀智享  自行车站点“

Great Graphics! I liked the icons used as they are really cute.

It is easier to apply for a visa than sign up for Mobike. I tried it yesterday and they wanted a passport photo, a photo of you holding the passport next to your face and similar bullc*** involving your passport. And they were required after you deposit RMB299. They could have put this section before the deposit payment section, as if I knew they were asking for that much "paperwork", I wouldn't have bothered.

A problem with Mobike I've found is they have trouble verifying then don't let you try again so you just have paid 299¥ and then have to refund it to try again and they get pissy about refunds! I've tried twice to register and it still won't work! So I'm about to say screw it and just go with ofo.

I think ofo bike better than mobike cause of value! Great Review! Thanks for sharing!

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