Infographic: The Differences Between Mobike and Ofo

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As the ride-hailing wars have disappeared, the latest war is bike-sharing (more like bike-rental), with Mobike and Ofo leading the pack.

In case you weren’t sure how exactly they are different, Wake Me Chat has made this handy infographic:

Mobike’s technology seems to be a bit better, but how either company is actually making money is still a big question mark. Click through to Wake Me Chat to see a more in-depth description of the infographic. 

Images: Wake Me Chat


In Haidian District, designated parking areas for bike-sharers have cropped up. The Chinese characters say: "海淀智享  自行车站点“

Great Graphics! I liked the icons used as they are really cute.

It is easier to apply for a visa than sign up for Mobike. I tried it yesterday and they wanted a passport photo, a photo of you holding the passport next to your face and similar bullc*** involving your passport. And they were required after you deposit RMB299. They could have put this section before the deposit payment section, as if I knew they were asking for that much "paperwork", I wouldn't have bothered.

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