5 Things to Taste, Smell, Touch, Hear, and See This Weekend

Beijing can be overstimulating to say the least. Let’s be real, sometimes even our sixth sense gets a decent workout, the one where you know that stick of chuan'r will get you sick for the next two days (but you gobble it up anyway). With such a wide variety of events, restaurants, and gigs to attend, we suggest bathing each of your five senses into one, if not all, of the nourishing goings on below.


It’s definitely too hot for almost any food that is not watermelon, which is why we shout out a hearty "long live liquids!" Even better if they come with a little kick to numb your surfacing need for a holiday. Between Beijingers seemingly non-stop worshipping of beer (no judgment here) and the possibility of still being able to squeeze in a beach holiday, why not keep your calorie intake low and turn to wine instead? For something new this weekend, head to Joli's near Houhai for an RMB 50 glass of the good stuff, or grab a bottle and settle in for an easy late night chat. 


Jul 16: Hike Yunmeng Gorge
What is that unfamiliar and long-forgotten smell? Could it be sweet childhood memories of scavenging for firewood and smores? It could be all of those things if you grab your tent and head out to Yunmeng Gorge, where you can bury your head deep in the fresh and cool mountain water ponds accompanied by the Beijing Hikers. Pay a bonfire fee at the entrance (if you are asked) and watch out for falling rocks, mountain streams, and ponder what the 'reflect the ancient grotesque' sign actually means. Another word of warning: the donkeys are friendly but don’t get too close. 8am-5.30pm. RMB 380, RMB 340 (members)


Dive Into Beijing's Pools
If your swimming gear has started to gather spider webs and you've forgotten how good synthetic and stretchy fabric feels around your bum, well, it's time to renew your vows to the water before it's too late. Jump into your swimsuit, grab your floaties, construct a picnic basket, and dive into a Beijing pool for a refreshing and relaxing way to spend these "feels like 45 degrees" days. 


Jul 14: Tsering Norbu at Soi Baochao
So, your friend went to Tibet last spring and you are still "totally thinking about going any time now"? If only it was easier to acquire a non-tour-group visa or get all the way out west? Well, if you're not going to Tibet this weekend, it is most certainly coming to you. Check your ears for the highland sounds of the Tibetan folk music night at at Soi Baochao with a hint of reggae and rock. 9pm. Free. Soi Boachao


Jul 15: Beijing Improv: A Show of Ice and Fire
Whether you want it to be or not, the new season of Game of Thrones is a big deal. While we wait for bars and restaurants around Beijing to welcome everyone for the screenings of the first episode next week, let's rekindle the GoT spirit with some fan fiction courtesy of Beijing Improv. They say their English language show is 'loosely based' on the Song of Ice and Fire and that is good enough for us. Grab your swords and goblets and get ready for some belly laughs. 8pm. RMB 50. Project Pengyou Courtyard

Images courtesy of organizers, Tautvile Daugelaite


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