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R No Consequences for Violators as Electric Fencing Rolled Out for Share Bike Parking
Beijing officially implemented a new plan to tame the city's oversaturation of share bikes by limiting their parking to designated zones that will
R Badaling Wildlife Park Visitors Still Can't Follow Rules One Year After Fatal Tiger Mauling
Almost a year to the day a woman was...
DP First Staffless Convenience Store Opens in Beijing
Beijing is the latest Chinese city to open a ...
R Beijing Won't Allow Justin Bieber to Perform in China Because He is a Bad Influence
Chinese authorities have explained that Canadian singer Justin Bieber will not be allowed to perform in China because he is a...
R Shuangjing Businesses Temporarily Closed in Massive Police Raid
The restaurant and bar strip northeast of the Shuangjing intersection is left reeling after a large group of officials temporarily shut down a num
Beijing Nighttime Sightseeing Busses To Begin Next Week
Tourists will be able to tour famous Beijing landmarks after dark as the city's
R Horn Addiction: Beijing to Penalize Excessive Honking Drivers via Automated Detectors
Beijing seeks to put an end to noisy traffic by implementing the city's first-ever automated system that will identify and penalize drivers that e
R Beijing School Strands 150 Students During Hiking Trip, Refuses to Call Police
One hundred and sixty one students and staff have safely returned from a school hiking expedition in the mountains around Beijing after getting ...
Pervert Slashes Victim in Midst of Beijing Crackdown on Bus and Train Molestations
[This post contains content that certain readers may find disturbing or offensive.]
R Security Breached at Beijing Airport After Family Smuggles Child onto Flight
Security protocols at Beijing Capital International Airport are being questioned after a passenger was able to bypass all security checks and boar
R Beijing Metro Denies Any Explosions After Shuangjing Station Shut Down During Morning Rush
Massive delays broke out at this morning's rush hour when Shuangjing S
Beijing Has 850,000 Public Security Volunteers Watching Your Every Move
You've seen them all over Beijing: elderly volunteers positioned at a strategic point in a neighborhood, armed only with a red band wrapped around
R Between Two Pillows: Bed-Sharing Market Comes to Beijing
Has this ever happened to you: You're at your job, arduously toiling away, when suddenly you have an urge to sleep?