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Blue Frog’s Winter Menu, Hot Drinks, and Christmas Special Meal
After revamping their seasonal menu with six dishes including chargrilled veal tenderloin and grilled mixed sausages, Blue Frog is no longer only
EAT: Gingerbread House Making, Wellendorff Afternoon Tea at China World Hotel, Christmas Spirit at Moka Bros Solana
Starting this Saturday and Sunday, and every weekend until the end of December, East's Doma
R1 Delicious High End Dim Sum on Offer at New CBD Restaurant The Beijing Kitchen
This new restaurant might be called The Beijing Kitchen, but it actually bring
R 2016 Year in Review: The Best of Casual Dining
Well guys, it's about that time.
Mandarin Monday: The Hutong Winter Fayre
It’s that time of year folks … tree lightings, special winter menus, and of course, the occasional Christmas carol 圣诞颂歌 Shèngdànsònggē:
Upgrade Your Snack Game with a Batch of Chinese Tea Eggs
I love eggs in all their forms but there is a special place in my heart for that most portable of Chinese breakfast foods: the tea egg.
Bruno Anon: Conrad Beijing’s New Executive Chef Talks about Chinese Food and Spanish Cuisine
In the November/December issue’s Chef’s Q&A we interview Bruno Anon, the new executive chef at...
The Rug Releases Heart-Warming Winter Menu, With Egg Benedict Croquette, Desserts, Winter Drinks, and More
We know it’s only been one month since the last time we found ourselves digging in at...
Baking Book and Christmas Special Desserts Release at Comptoirs de France
Celebrating its 10-year anniversary, Comptoirs de France has released a bu
Beijing's Best Delivery Services, Pt. 2: Groceries and Alcohol
What a world you live in, 2016 Beijing resident.
Hankering Hawaiian? Poké Inn Aims to Satisfy Island Cravings at Sanlitun Soho
Deep in the desolate, disheveled halls of Sanlitun Soho's building 5 sits a Hawaiian oasis.
L’epasar, A Kaleidoscope with Italian Family Food, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Café and a Fancy Cellar
Located on the first basement level of the Topwin Center, L’epasar soft opened in late July.
EAT: Gail's Caribbean Cuisine at Hatchery, Third Sake Manzo Opening at Tianshuiyuan, Get Ready for Christmas...
As always, we're happy to report plenty of happenings.
Punk and Hearty Noodles at Maizidian's Qimianting
Punk's not dead – it just retired, moved to Chaoyang, and started making Japanese food.