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Seafood Takes Center Stage on Migas' New Menu
We've always loved Migas for their paella and modern takes on tapas dishes, but with their recently updated winter menu, we've fallen in love with
DP Creative East-Meets-West Desserts Served Up at New Yu Cafe in SLT
If you think dessert is a sweetly simple indulgence, then you clearly haven't spent much time in China.
Potluck Dinner: How to Make Your Own Hummus and Where to Source the Ingredients in Beijing
There are a lot of things I miss here in Beijing, decent skincare, “normal” toilets, and my friends and family of course.
DP Inexpensive, Homey-Style Japanese Family Dishes at Takaya, Nanluogu Xiang
If we were to be honest, we actually prefer the more recent incarnation of Nanluogu Xiang – fewer clueless tourists, and quiet and clean (if you c
2016 Year in Review: The Year in Fine Dining
Well guys, it's about that time.
R Baby, it's Cold Outside: Delivery and Take-Away Options for Christmas Dining
Between the smog (which will hopefully be gone by
Little Yunnan Opens New Venue Near Dongzhimen, Doesn't Yet Trump Original Location
We recently swung by the new branch of Little Yunnan, nestled away on Yongkang
Steak with a View: New Chef and Menu at Grill 79, China World Summit Wing
Wracking your brain for a place with a dazzling view and a slap-up meal? Grill 79,
Where to Eat Dumplings This Winter Solstice (December 21)
Those who have lived in China for a while or who know a little bit about Chinese food culture will be more than aware that every festival in China
First Hutong Food Week in Heart of Beijing, Dec 23-Jan 6
Beijing has never failed us, and even when it feels like winter might be endless, there is always something to keep you from giving in completely.
R Migas, Hatsune, Susu Opening in CBD's China World Tower B
Originally, the new China World Mall was meant to open up by the end of the year, but unfortunately, as happens with so many things in Beijing, th
R2 Fusion, Southeast Asian Style Restaurant Shi Wo Er Opens at Xinyuanli
You have to be confident to open a restaurant on the third floor of a small shopping center.
Where to Stock Up on Sweet Treats for Christmas
Turkey may be the main event at Christmas dinner but for us, the Christmas season is all about the sweeter things: gingerbread houses, Christmas p
2016 Year in Review: Four Food Trends We'd Like to See Make it Big in Beijing in 2017
Those of us who are lucky enough to inhabit the Beijing of 2016-2017 live in a city with a dining scene that encompasses many of the biggest inter
DP Fill Up and Fend Off Winter Chills with Annie's New Winter Menu
Though Annie's is known for its affordable pasta, pizza, and other conventional Italian