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A Tale of Corruption and Greed: Moliere’s Classic 'The Miser' Resonates With Chinese Audiences, Jun 30-Jul 1
A 300-year-old French comedy has been winning laughs and plaudits on its Chinese tour, proving that its themes of financial greed and the corrupti
Insure Us: The Basics of Healthcare and Medical Insurance
Nothing is more important than your health – so we don’t want to compromise when it comes to medical care.
Fecal Attractions
Beijing isn’t all Ming Tombs and toxic smog, you know. Among our beloved city’s most distinctive attractions are its quirky, oddball museums.
So Long Sucker: Swatting the Myths About Mosquitoes
Summer in Beijing: time to get out the T-shirts and shorts, and enjoy the sunshine.
Isabelle Huppert
Isabelle Huppert, a bona fide movie legend, has been nominated for a César Award, the French equivalent of the Oscars, more often than any other a
The Pleasures and Pitfalls of Setting Up Your Own Company in China
The profile of the typical expat in Beijing is rapidly changing.
No Rest for the Wicked as Hit Musical Comes to Beijing
The musical Wicked has conquered the world si
Beijing’s First Official Lego Store Opens at Chaoyang Joy City
Here at the Beijinger (and our sister site beijngkids) we’ve never been afraid to tackle t
R Party Time for Poets at Launch of Second Spittoon Magazine
Spittoon is now well established as one of the prime movers in Beijing’s flouris