Blog Author - Jeremiah Jenne

Slow Boats and Caravans: Great Explorers in Chinese History
China was never closed to the world.
Will the Authorities Slow the Out-of-Control Roll of the Bike Sharing Revolution?
I knew the bike sharing economy had gotten out of hand when I woke up this morning to find stacks of competing yellow and orange rent-a-bikes bloc
Maosoleum to Close for Repairs, Will Reopen in September
If you’re looking to visit the pickled remains of China’s former Chairman, best get to Tiananmen Square before Wednesday.
Mandarin Monday: When a Chuanr is Chuan'r is a Chuan'er, How to Correctly Transliterate Beijing's Favorite Street Snack
Everybody eats it, and nobody seems to know how to spell it: The ubiquitous and delicious bits of lamb or other animal bits pressed on a stick and
Why Do We Call it Spring Festival?: The Origins Behind the Name
Has there ever been a blander name for a holiday than “Spring Festival”? What the hell does it even mean? It’s held in the middle of winter.
A Teacher's Advice to His Students for Staying Safe during Spring Festival
As a teacher at a study abroad program here in Beijing, I feel it's my duty not only to introduce the wonders of Chinese civilization to impressio
Temple Fairs: The History Behind Spring Festival's Most Crowded Tradition
Lunar New Year in Beijing: Dumplings, bad TV, a heady mix of alcohol and cheap explosives, and, of course, temple fairs.