Blog Author - Jeremiah Jenne

Not Just for Tourists: How to Make the Most of Beijing's Scenic Spots
Beijing’s scenic spots are often dismissed as touristy by those of us who have called this city home for longer than, say, six months.
Silence is Golden at This New Quiet Beixinqiao Cafe
Beijing is not a quiet place.
The 5 People You Meet on the Beijing Metro
I’ve been riding the subway more. I don’t know why.
Three Days in Yangon: A City on the Rise
Yangon is a city on the rise.
Metal Band Megadeth Returns to Beijing, Finally Allowed to Play a Full Concert
American thrash metal band Megadeth returned to Beijing last night, 17 months after their concert at Wukesong Arena was cut short after only eight
Exploring Beijing by foot
Beijing is not a walkable city. In fact, it can be fairly hostile to pedestrians.
Forbidden City Tickets Only to be Sold Online Beginning October
The Forbidden City without massive queues for tickets?
Slow Boats and Caravans: Great Explorers in Chinese History
China was never closed to the world.
Will the Authorities Slow the Out-of-Control Roll of the Bike Sharing Revolution?
I knew the bike sharing economy had gotten out of hand when I woke up this morning to find stacks of competing yellow and orange rent-a-bikes bloc