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Bureaucratic Redundancy Sparks Censorship Rumors of Smog Warnings
The good news: an online rumor that China is censoring air pollution warnings that made the rounds overnight has turned out to be false.
Beijing to Spend USD 2.6 Billion on Pollution Alleviation in 2017, but Sets Air Quality Goal at Twice WHO Standard
Beijing will spend RMB 18.2 billion (USD 2.6 billion) on pollution alleviation in 2017, although the municipal government has only set its PM2.5 a
Chinese Authorities Request Cap on App's AQI Readings, and That (Surprisingly) Might Be the Right Move
The operators of a popular pollution monitoring app installed on tens of thousands of phones in Beijing have been told to cap its highest AQI read
Should You Exercise When the AQI is High? Three Fitness Experts Weigh In
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It’s just a couple of weeks into 2017, and many of us are still in the midst of trying to fulfill recently made New Year’s resolutions to get out
R Waiting to Exhale: Beijing Restaurateurs Eagerly Welcome Back Patrons After an Airpocalyptically Quiet Week
Beijing’s restaurateurs are breathing sighs of relief in every sense of the word: Last week's record-breaking smog levels not only affected the qu
Tech Check: We Can't Wait to Try This New High Tech Air Pollution Tracker
For those of us Beijingers who keep our eyes constantly glued to AQI apps and monitors, neurotically checking for updated readings to keep our pre
It's Official: You've Just Lived Through the Worst Week of Bad Beijing Air in Recent Memory
Congratulations, contemporary Beijing residents: You now have new pollution bragging rights, as you have survived the worst week of air on record
Beicology: As Beijingers Hack and Wheeze, Authorities Sputter and Stall with Sufficient Coal Bans
Beijingers feeling stifled and distraught by last week's oppressive red alert level smog might be all the more upset by the news that local coal m
DP Beijingers Share their Red Alert Survival Tales
Like an apocalyptic disaster flick, the plot of 2016's...
As if We Don't Have Enough to Worry About, Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Found in Beijing Air
As if we didn't already have enough to worry about when it comes Beijing's air
Smoggy Setback: Pollution-Busting Tower Falls Short of Promise
Well, so much for the supposed "smog free tower."
R1: Bei-cology: Can Beijing's New Water Cannons Super Soak the Skies Blue?
Beijing is aiming to super soak its way to clearer skies with pollution-fighting water can
Tech Check: Is Your Air Purifer Among the 25 Percent Found to be Substandard?
Most of us Beijing dwellers have bought an air purifier ahead of the capital's smoggy winter season, and assumed that such a device would be enoug
Bei-cology: Our Sooty Urban Skies Could Be Cleared By Lifestyle Changes on the Outskirts
For most Beijingers, smog is seen as an urban issue, with many of us linking congested lungs and congested roadways as trademark features of our b
Mandarin Monday: Learn These 10 Pollution Related Chinese Phrases to Help Clear the Air
Mandarin Monday is a weekly column where – similar to ou