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R Waiting to Exhale: Beijing Restaurateurs Eagerly Welcome Back Patrons After an Airpocalyptically Quiet Week
Beijing’s restaurateurs are breathing sighs of relief in every sense of the word: Last week's record-breaking smog levels not only affected the qu
It's Official: You've Just Lived Through the Worst Week of Bad Beijing Air in Recent Memory
Congratulations, contemporary Beijing residents: You now have new pollution bragging rights, as you have survived the worst week of air on record
Man the Lifeboats! Batten Down the Hatches! Red Alert Declared for Beijing's Air Dec 20
Fresh on the heels of last week's...
Three Quarters Through 2016, Beijing's Air 10 Percent Better Than Last Year
With 75 percent of 2016 in the can, Beijing's air has been 10 percent better than last year, a trend that we endorse with a deep, deep breath and
Beijing's AQI Hits All-Time High of 485 on Christmas
Congratulations Beijing, you've hit a new high (or should we say low): The average AQI concentration on Christmas Day yesterday was 485, the highe
International Schools Fight Pollution Woes with Contingencies, Closures
As smog blankets the city today, leaving the AQI at an off-the-scale 553, Beijing’s parents are left to wonder how they should best safeguard thei