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In Search of Buried Treasure at the Ming Tombs
Following our recent visit to the Summer Palaces, my family and I
Jane Su: Wisconsin Native Discusses What Moving to China in 1957 Was Like
Jane Su, a Wisconsin-native, made the move to China long before it was cool.
Why Do We Call it Spring Festival?: The Origins Behind the Name
Has there ever been a blander name for a holiday than “Spring Festival”? What the hell does it even mean? It’s held in the middle of winter.
Temple Fairs: The History Behind Spring Festival's Most Crowded Tradition
Lunar New Year in Beijing: Dumplings, bad TV, a heady mix of alcohol and cheap explosives, and, of course, temple fairs.
Don't Be a Fool, Eat Your Gruel: The Story Behind Eating Porridge for Laba Festival
Some people will do anything for a free meal, even if that means waiting in line outside in Beijing in the middle of January for nothing more than
2016 Visitors to Beijing Palace Museum Topped 16 Million, An Average of 40,000 Every Day
The Forbidden City is known for its overwhelming crowds during peak periods. Last year, visitors to Beijing’s famous Palace Museum...
Capital Histories: How Beijing Came to Be China's Capital
While Beijingers claim a history dating back to 1045 BC, it would be more accurate to say that the past 3,000 years have seen a number of cities r
Over 75 Percent of Historic Residences in Beijing Fail Preservation Standards
Over 75 percent of historic residences in Beijing fail to meet preservation standards, t
Over 1,000 Ancient Tombs Discovered at Construction Site in Tongzhou
Construction workers building Beijing’s future have instead stumbled onto a bit of the city’s past.
The Ghost of Stone Tiger Hutong: A Beijing Halloween Tale
Is it possible that even in the neon canyons of Xidan, spirits of Beijing's imperial past still lurk?
Modern Structures to be Demolished, New Areas Opened to the Public at the Forbidden City
The Forbidden City is home to some of Beijing’s oldest and best preserved imperial architecture, but it also features some god awful structures of
Visit a Beijing Past But Still Standing with Newman Tours' In-Depth and Entertaining Warlord Tour
Far removed from Beijing's teeming tourist hot spots and fenced in by the monotonous apartment blocks encircling the Second Ring Road or the disap
The Original Hutong Hipster: The Life and Times of Edmund Trelawney Backhouse
He roamed the backstreets and brothels of Beijing, trading in gossip and rumors, and living a life of self-imposed exile.
A Stroll Along Beijing’s Restored Canal System and the Ongoing Plan to Revive its Ancient Waterways
A project to reconstruct a section of an ancient canal system that once flowed through the heart of Beijing is finally nearing completion.
Beijing Emperor and Qing Dynasty Scammer Faces Prisontime in Shenzhen
It is a twist on an old scam: A gullible patsy loses a small fortune helping a former monarch recover his royal funds.