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R Press Release Impresses with Inspired Sous-Vide Cocktails and Quirky Literary Decor
It's like a scene straight out of a boozy author's masterpiece: a classy bar hidden in shopping mall's basement; its cocktails being prepared in a
R1 Infusion Room to Host Award Winning Beirut Bartender Jad Ballout, Feb. 20 and 21
Jad Ballout may be known as an award-winning bartender, but he's also impressively adept in the kitchen.
Famed Japanese Mixologist Hidetsugu Ueno to Guest at Infusion Room, Nov. 8-9
When it comes to mixologists from the Far East, few have as potent a reputation as Hidetsugu Ueno.
Infusion Room Unveils New Cocktail Dessert Menu and Prepares to Host World Class Mixologist Luca Cinalli on Sept. 23
Beijing cocktail devotees will have a chance to get tipsy in classy fashion from September 2-3, as renowned mixologist Luca Cinalli takes over the
Our Favorite New Cocktail Bars in 2015
This year has experienced a healthy amount of bar openings, helping Beijing’s nightlife advance considerably with plenty of high and lowbrow cockt
Down and Dirty, High and Dry: The Nitty Gritty About Martinis in Beijing
Former American President Gerald Ford called the three-martini lunch “the epitome of American efficiency.” While we don’t necessarily associate ma
What's New Bar: Infusion Room
Paul Hsu, the mind behind delicious cocktail menus at JC Lounge, Ocean Grounds, and now...