Famed Japanese Mixologist Hidetsugu Ueno to Guest at Infusion Room, Nov 8-9

When it comes to mixologists from the Far East, few have as potent a reputation as Hidetsugu Ueno. In fact, he's held in such high esteem that Star Chefs says the Japanese cocktail star "would give (and has given) most western mixologists a run for their money."

As the owner of Tokyo's beloved Bar High Five, winner of a range of cocktail contests for nearly any spirit you can name – be it rum, gin, and, most of all, Japanese Suntory whisky – and judge of various mixologist contests, Ueno has left many a barfly and beverage connoisseur intoxicated with his alchemist skill set.

But don't just take our word for it – ohgosh.tv has a few clips in which Ueno offers a masterclass in everything from ice carving, the "hard shake" and more. Diageo Bar Academy, meanwhile, described the mixologist at an event as being "keen to point out what factors make a World Class bartender: that we are psychologists, performers and enthusiasts working in a profession that we enjoy – so we must entertain and manage the cocktail experiences of our guests."

That means that attendees on November 7 will not only have an opportunity to sip Ueno's delicious cocktails, but also be dazzled by the visual spectacle that is his preparation to pour those drinks.

Ueno will be at Infusion room from 9pm to midnight on both November 8 (to make Japanese classic cocktails) and 9 (for signature cocktails). For more information, see the poster above.

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Photos: Diageo Bar Academy, Infusion Room


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