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China and Russia Prepare to Battle 'The Avengers' With Their Own Squad of Commie Superheroes
China and Russia are teaming up to take on The Avengers with their own squad of communist superheroes.
Is This Month the Best Ever for Hollywood Movies in China?
January is sizing up to be quite a unique month for Hollywood films in China with five of six new releases being critical, if not box office succe
Watch a Beijinger Kick Ass in the New 'Star Wars' Movie, Opening January 6
Once described as "the Beijingiest of all Beijingers" (he was born in nearby Tangshan, technically), ...
Stop Watching Movies On Your Goddamn Laptop for Chrissakes
It blows my mind every time a fellow Beijing expat tells me that they never go to the cinema in China, instead choosing to watch films on laptop s
6 Hollywood Films Coming to Beijing Screens in December
December is shaping up to be one of the most crowde
Architects Turn Literal Hole-In-The-Wall Building Into Beijing's Trendiest New Movie Studio
The brick wall was busted open, but that gaping hole was by no means a flaw.
New Batch of Hollywood Movies Hoping to Make It to China
The last time we took a stab at guessing which Hollywood films would make it to Chinese cinema screens,...
‘Doctor Strange’ Arrives With 13 Other Releases
This post comes courtesy of our content partners at China Film Insider.
Hollywood Films Coming to Beijing Screens in November
A few months ago we said that it was quit
China Helps Arthouse Films Stand on Own Two Feet
This post comes courtesy of our content partners at China Film Insider.
China's Version of Hollywood Starts To Take Shape in Qingdao
Billionaire Wang Jianlin’s plan to create a Chinese Hollywood is beginning to take shape with blockbuster projects already signing up in what is s
Talk Next Tuesday by Journalist Karen Ma On China's Fifth Generation Filmmakers
Chinese filmmaking has traditionally been divided into generations – with the so-called “Fifth Generation” that emerged in the 1980s being perhaps
Netflix Loses Its Chill, Scraps Plans to Launch Streaming Service in China
Netflix’s goal to become the world’s most ubiquitous streaming service in the world hit a snag on Monday with the company officially putting its p
Meet China's Next Generation of Animators at 798
Chinese animation is having a moment. There's been no shortage of animated movies in Chinese cinemas this year.