April 2015

The Beijinger – May 2015: Upward Spiral: Miao Wong Talks Art, Music, and Life After Life

Although life in a city without regular large-scale musical events seems like the new status quo, at least one person is hopeful for the future of art and music in Beijing. In one of the most personal interviews we’ve ever presented, Art Rebels Party (ARP) Creative’s Miao Wong tells us about how she lost part of her brain without losing all of her mind. A figure from Beijing electronic music’s earliest days, Miao talks about balancing life and work, especially when life itself didn’t seem so certain.
Electric in his own way, our Kipp Whittaker talks to Beijing-based promoters and organizers about the future of live music in our fair city. Will we look back at this period as the time the music died, or is it a mere few measures of rest in a longer score? 
We present a special edition of Get the Look featuring the jewelry of Starfish Project, a Beijing-based organization dedicated to providing hope and assistance to exploited women in Asia. Now in its ninth year, Starfish Project is seeking to raise USD 150,000 in order to expand the distribution network for its jewelry and other products, the proceeds from which all go to support their work. Take a look – it may be the most guilt-frees hopping you ever do.
We hope you enjoy the May issue of the Beijinger, which you can read online via Issuu or through our website here. Alternatively, pick up a copy now at your favorite venue!

Image: the Beijinger