Beyond Odds and Evens: Beijing’s New Plan to Reduce the Number of Cars

The Beijing Municipal Government has announced a series of post-Olympics car restrictions that will take effect next month. According to the English-language report, under the new rules, 30 percent of government vehicles will be taken off the road and as of Oct 11, the remaining 70 percent of government vehicles, along with corporate and private cars, will be banned from driving one day during the five-day-working week. Cars ending with either a one or a six will be banned on Mondays; those ending with a two or a seven will be banned on Tuesdays, and so on.

The article goes on to clarify that:

The ban will be applicable within the Fifth Ring Road inclusive,from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. for private cars and round the clock for government and corporate vehicles. It will take effect on a trial basis on October 11 for six months until April 10, but does not apply to police wagons, ambulances, fire and corporate vehicles.

Aside from this new rule forcing cars to spend one of the five working days off the road, the city government has also drafted a few other measures to discourage Beijing residents from driving:

Limiting the issue of registration plates
Only 100 thousand plates will be issued each year from now on. Considering 400 thousand new cars appear on Beijing streets every year at present, this measure will efficiently reduce the total amount of cars in the Capital.

Increasing the cost of parking
Raising the parking charges is another measure. The price of the downtown parking lots might be 5 or 6 times higher than the current standard. The government hopes the economic level principle can improve the city’s central part’s traffic.

Developing public transport system and facilities
The government is going to further strengthen the construction of the city transport system by the implementing a traffic network plan. The plan involves the construction of three more subway lines (14, 7 and 15), which will increase the total amount of and distance covered by subway lines to 270 km. The goal is to have one new line running every year and to achieve a comprehensive transportation system that is aimed at integrating the urban center with the rural area as well as speed up the parking and transferring facility construction of public transport

Links and Sources
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Beijing Times: 北京市人民政府关于实施交通管理措施的通告 北京停车费近期不会上涨

SEPA: Capital to Stick with Traffic Restrictions to Beat Gridlock



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It doesn't work.
The basic problem is population of Beijing city.

Bicycle, Bicycles, Bicycles gentlemen!!! Why overlook this very important part of the solution!!!???? Realise MORE FACILITY'S for bikers for godsake!!! They are still the stepchild of the traffic fenomena in Beijing. While they can be an important part of the solution!!! Cars will never solve the traffic problem in Beijing because they are part of the problem, the more roads you build, the more cars it will attract!! It's really a disappointing experience when you see a big part of the Chao Yang Road is now being renewed, completely, with posters of the municipal governement telling us " wonderfull new chao Yang road" Happy olympics!!! e.d. But........ only for cars, not for bikes!!!8 lanes,, yes eight!!! for cars, not a single one for bikers!!!! a small line is telling us this is for bikes!!! but don't forget the busses, parked cars and taxidrivers who use that smallpart of a lane!!! REALLY A MISSED CHANCE this whole renewing!!!

Hi, to those who look desperately to find the relevant day the CAN drive to work when it's too far to bike or too inconvenient to rely on bus or subway.
November 10-December10 or so: bans for cars number plate ending with 1 or 6 on Tuesdays, 2 or 7 on Wednesdays, 3 or 8 on Thursdays, 4 or 9 on Fridays, 0 or 5 on Mondays. Until next month around December 11. Mingbai?

Thanks for the update Beijing rose - we mention the new system in today's blog. Starsky, it looks as if the Beijing government is paying attention to bikes too.

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