Customs: 200 Foreigners Deported from Beijing in 2013

Beijing police and entry and exit officials deported 200 foreigners in 2013, mostly due to illegal employment violations, the General Station of Exit and Entry Frontier Inspection announced Thursday.

Deportation as a possible consequence of illegal employment came to light earlier this month when a British citizen struck a woman with his motorbike. The incident drew public attention. While at first Chinese netizens sided with the foreigner, seeing him as a victim of a scam, video evidence later showed that he had not only struck the woman, but then insulted her verbally. An ensuing investigation revealed that he was working illegally in China, as was his father. Both were set for repatriation after serving a 15-day jail sentence.

These numbers included foreigners from other provinces that were then sent to Beijing for deportation. They also included citizens of other countries who entered China illegally, using forged documents including passports and visas, and foreigners who committed crimes and served prison sentences here.

Deportation is a standard practice for upon serving a significant prison sentence in China, or being found in the country illegally, either via improper entry or employment. The deportee must bear the cost of travel, in addition to other fines and legal fees.

The report gave the example of a Saudi Arabian who sexually assaulted a Chinese woman in Hunan province. He served five years in prison and was deported in April.

Foreign passport holders are required to carry proof of identification on them at all times while in China. As we advised in a previous blog post:

1.If you are working illegally, get a proper job, or go on strike until your employer gives you the proper paperwork.
2. If your vehicle is unregistered, stop driving and get one.
3. If you don't have a driver's license, stop driving and get one.

Photo: Reuters


Glad to hear that they are cracking down on foreigners who think they are above the law in beijing.

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