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UK Changes Visa Rules for PRC Passport Holders: Air China Announces Slate of New Routes; Bali Visas Tighten
The gift that China's President Xi Jinping's seems to bring with him on every state visit lately is improved visitor visa regulat
China, Canada Establish New 10-Year Visa Scheme
Qualified passport holders from Canada and the People's Republic of China are now able to apply for visas in each other's countries that will be v
Garuda to Indonesia, Spring Festival Train Tickets, Chinese-US Visas, and More
A big round-up from all over in this Tuesday's look at travel.
New 10-Year China Visas Not Easier to Get, Just Longer
The new 10-year visas available to US passport holders will make travel to China easier for those who qualify, but applicants face the same standa
China, US Introduce New 10-Year Visas For Business and Tourism
Some genuinely good news out of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting for citizens and residents of Beijing: China and the United States h
Get Your Visa Renewal Application In: Entry-Exit Office to Close for APEC
Don't procrastinate on your visa renewal this year: the Exit and Entry Administration under the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau will...
Hiring Standards For Foreigners Get Tougher; Five Years' Experience Needed for Teachers
Getting a proper job in Beijing just became a bit harder for non-Chinese citizens.
Foreign University Students May Seek Work in China, But Obtaining Permission Difficult
In addition to studying vigorously and acquiring knowledge at a geometric rate, it appears that foreign university students in China may now...
China Considers Loosening Regulations on 'Green Card'
With only 4,700 foreigners having accepted permanent residency in China since it became available in 2004 until...
Over 60 Models Arrested in Beijing Police Visa Sting
The fashion press is abuzz at the moment with news that a visa sting under the guise of a casting call for foreign models...
Why You Should Carry Your Passport When You Go Out This Weekend
Wallet, check. Keys, check. Money, check. Passport...check that one off too.
Foreigner on Motorbike Who Hit Lady to be Deported
The expat motorbiker who ran into a...