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R What’s Up in Beer: GLB’s Chef and Brewer Dinner, Jing-A’s 8x8 Collaboration Festival, Beersmith Opens, Beer Mania’s Belgian Craft Beer Weekend, New Brews at Jing-A, Slow Boat and Peiping, during Dragon Boat Festival
Dragon Boat Festival is just around the corner, which means many of you will have to work this Saturday.
What’s Up in Beer: Puppy Pub Crawl, Great Leap, Jing-A and Slow Boat’s New Brew, Legend Beer Second Location, Beer Run and Burger Cup
The heat is definitely here, threatening to reach an outrageous 36 degrees Celsius this weekend, so we'd advise you to gulp down some ice cold bee
NBeer Pub Expands Its Taps and 7,000 Bottles to Fast West, Wukesong
Since local microbrewery NBeer Pub opened in Huguosi in 2013, it has grown to become
DP What’s Up in Beer: Home Brew Class, Mikkeller Festival at GLB and Cheers, Tour de Jing,  New Brews at Jing-A, Buona Pizza and Nbeer, and Hitachino Nest Beer Tasting
How do you get rid of the annoying catkins that get stuck in your throat after accidentally swallowing them?
R Hatchery Team Back at Jing-A for Weekends’ Delicous New Brewer’s Brunch
The sun is finally out again, and it’s time to get excited about sitting outside.
R What’s Up in Beer: Arrow Factory Brewpub Turning 1, Jing-A’s New Brewer’s Brunch, Slow Boat,  Great Leap Courtyard Cookouts, Out Of Step Opening, and Beer Run
This week, the weather has changed its mind like a diva changes her clothes.
Neat Two-Floor New Chinese Brewpub Regain Element at Wudaoying, But Avoid The Specimen Bottles
Wudaoying is no stranger to bars, restaurants, and cafés looking to solidify their spot as the new in thing among the city's hipsters that frequen
What’s Up in Beer: Acquisition of Boxing Cat, Beerio Kart, Football Screening, Beer Deal, Brunch at BICBF, Ski Weekend and Tiki Exapands
Spring has embraced us gently this week, and as such we're gearing ready to spend a weekend hanging outside of our favorite beer venues (as long a
R What’s Up in Beer: GLB’s Drinking in History, Jing-A’s Boozy Ski Party, Slow Boat’s Two New Brews, and 120 Minute IPA
Yo beer-lovers, congrats on surviving the Valentine's-heavy (i.e. roses and the unending romantic deals) week in our beloved megacity, yes, things
2016 Year in Review: Beijing's New Brewpubs and Beer Bars
2016 has been an exciting year for beer lovers with a dozen beer bars and brewpubs opening throughout town and old ones growing even bigger.
What’s Up in Beer: Christmas Dinners, Parties and New Brews
It’s Christmas time, no matter whether you are genuinely enjoying the holiday spirit, or have been forced to put on your ugly sweater and bear the
DP New Brewpub in Guomao, GLB Former Brewer Tom Ashton Took The Role as Brewmaster at Hotel Jen
As 2016 speeds towards its inevitable conclusion and with hangovers fresh from...
What’s Up in Beer: New Imports, New Brews and Beer Festival
Following hot on the heels of the Peiping Machine Brewing opening, th
New Brewpub Legend Beer Opens at Workers’ Stadium and Offers Unlimited Beer at Euro Cup Final
Legend Beer began its soft opening in June 2016 at the West gate of the Workers’ Stadium.