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R What’s Up in Beer: Slow Boat Closing Party, Great LeapxMikkeller Special Bottle, Jing-A 8x8 Project, NBeer New Beer, and Shanghai Beermanza
Even though the air is promising to be fresh (bar a sandstorm or two) ahead of the...
NBeer Pub Expands Its Taps and 7,000 Bottles to Fast West, Wukesong
Since local microbrewery NBeer Pub opened in Huguosi in 2013, it has grown to become
DP What’s Up in Beer: Home Brew Class, Mikkeller Festival at GLB and Cheers, Tour de Jing,  New Brews at Jing-A, Buona Pizza and Nbeer, and Hitachino Nest Beer Tasting
How do you get rid of the annoying catkins that get stuck in your throat after accidentally swallowing them?
What’s Up in Beer: New Brews and Imports in The Windy Slow Season
It’s been a windy week, and finally we can see our surroundings clearly, having us asking, “What?
What's Up in Beer: You Most Fabulous Mid-Autumn Drinking Guide is Here, and More
Mid-Autumn is surely one of China's busiest festivals, and given that you have to devour so many mooncakes just to stay on top of things, it's onl
What’s Up in Beer: Slow Boat’s Second Round Preview, Hutong Clan is Back, and Coffee beers
It's with sadness that I write this week's What's Up in Beer, following the news that ...
Community Spirit
Thirty-seven taps. Thirteen in-house fermentation tanks. One brewing machine imported from the States. Nine hundred bottled beers. NBeer Pub would...