Louis CK: Beijing "Is Like a Giant Dayton, Ohio"

American late-night talk show host David Letterman finally got around to having comedian Louis CK on The Late Show and asking him about his June 2012 secret appearance at the Zhengyici Peking Opera Theatre, which the Beijinger sponsored.

When asked about Beijing specifically, Louis said "It's more like a giant Dayton, Ohio. It's a huge, smoky...you can't breathe because of the pollution. You just can't breathe. It's brutal," he said. When Letterman asked if he would return to our fair city, Louis said, "no."

However, Louis indicated "I loved the people that I met there" and that he'd like to visit another part of China "because I love Chinese culture."

Come back anytime, Louis.

Photo: Mitchell Pe Masilun


Wow, what a feel good article! Thanks for posting an article that reminds all of us that we live in a less than desirable city. To counteract your actions, please now post an article similar to this but with someone praising Beijing, and saying that they would return!

NoReservations wrote:

please now post an article similar to this but with someone praising Beijing


Any foreigner appearing on a BTV broadcast (set up question: What do you think about Beijing?)

Red banners that adorn every bit of municpal concrete with patriotic slogans

Basically, anyone or thing in China. Except those that are from Shanghai.

The positive side to all this is that tourism number for Dayton, Ohio will now skyrocket as new visitors, ensconced with the familiarity of home, will fly in expecting rice to be sticky, trains to run on time or earlier, and restaurants to be packed with customers eating on hard chairs under harsh fluorescent lights.