Community Matters: Foreigners Wanted as Rickshaw Tour Guides, Concrete Flux Issue #2 Online Launch

China Daily reported that a popular rickshaw service called Houhai Baye in the Shichahai area is recruiting foreigners to become professional drivers to guide foreigners around the lakes and landmarks of old Beijing.

Most of the current drivers in the company's service are in their 50's, so they are looking for some fresh and physically able bodies who are proficient in the English language to build their team with. Just imagine the bodacious calves and beautiful bronze tan you'll have by the end of the summer. 

New employees will receive a base salary of RMB 5,000 a month plus bonuses, social insurance, room and board. To those interested, you can send your resumes to

We discovered this story from the pages of China Daily, yet there is no way of absolutely knowing the legitimacy of a prospective job opportunity until you've tried it out, be mindful of a possible indentured servitude situations by getting a translation of the small print before you sign anything. Also check out our own classifieds for an extensive list of job listings here in Beijing. 

Local multi-disciplinary online journal Concrete Flux is set for tomorrow's (July 3) online release of their sophomore issue, which tackles the theme of hybridity. Concrete Flux explores the perpetual state of urbanization that we experience in Beijing, while creating a platform for creatives to analyze these changes in order to promote a greater understanding and sense of collaboration for those also interested in the evolution of Beijing's cultural and physical landscape.  

The theme they explore is hybridity, which they describe as:

"the mixing and melding of things – languages, cultures, knowledge, DNA – into new forms. It is an unceasing process in which what we may hold as true, original or natural lives out its life as something tainted by and influenced by other elements, as something other than what we understand it should be. Nothing lives in isolation, and hybridity is the very real outcome of this."

Check out their website to download the latest as well as the previous issue, and to learn more about this organization and future projects they have in the works.

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I presume SiChaHai Tours are allowed to employ foreigners and can provide the necessary work permit for them?

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