What’s Up in Beer: GLB’s Drinking in History, Jing-A’s Boozy Ski Party, Slow Boat’s Two New Brews, and 120 Minute IPA

Yo beer-lovers, congrats on surviving the Valentine's-heavy (i.e. roses and the unending romantic deals) week in our beloved megacity, yes, things are getting back to normal, so please take that tacky pink heart down, barman.

At midday this Sunday (Feb 19), Great Leap Brewing will release the latest rendition of their Honey Ma series – Honey Ma Saison – alongside their latest installment of Drinking in History at GLB #6 hosted by our very own Jeremiah Jenne. The series aims to showcase China's rich culinary history through brewing, this time centering around the Great Sage Confucius, to which the Honey Ma in part owes its Chinese name, 甫子 being a combination of two famous philosophers: Du Fu (杜甫) and Confucius (孔子). RMB 100 (or RMB 80 for members) will get you entry, a Honey Ma Black, and Honey Ma Saison. Email jimmy@greatleapbrewing.com from Drinking in History to make a reservation.

Missing snow? Jing-A heads out to the slopes on March 4-5 for a “Spring Fever Ski Break” weekend in Thaiwoo Resort, Chongli. RMB 1,700 gets you access to free-flow Jing-A beers from the moment you step on the bus as well as hotel accommodation; a round-trip bus ride; ski or snowboard rental for two days (boots and helmet included); ski passes; an après-ski dinner and party with even more free-flow Jing-A beer; a quick dinner on Sunday; and a Jing-A knitted hat. Limited to 50 people, and if you're Mug Club member make sure to use coupon code MUGCLUB to save RMB 100. Click here to register and find out more.

Slow Boat has two new batches of brews back on tap at both locations: Sea Anchor Imperial Vanilla Stout (RMB 45, 8 percent ABV), which is infused with Madagascar vanilla beans, and has coffee and biscuit notes as well as a silky taste and a full body; and Dragon Bay Agave Wheat (RMB 40, 6 percent ABV), which is mixed with Mexican agave nectar for floral aromas, a splash of honey, and a rich body. And for PB&J lovers, we've been told that the Peanut Butter Destroyer Pale Ale will be back on tap soon, which is dry-hopped with Styrian General for a berry aroma, and infused with If strawberry juice to balance the rich peanut butter flavor.

If you're a lover of IPA then you'll certainly be a fan of Dogfish Head’s 60 minute IPA and 90 Minutes IPA, which bodes good news for you given that El Nido is now packing the 120 Minute IPA on tap. With a stunning 15 to 20 percent ABV (higher than your average red wine!), this Imperial IPA was continuously hopped with a “copious amount of high-alpha American hops throughout the boil and whirlpool, and then dry-hopped with another pallet of hops,” according to Dogfish Head's website. Given that it’s not brewed year-round, comes with an eye-watering 99 out of 100 on ratebeer.com, and there's only one keg of it at El Nido, expect this one to be gone pretty fast, even if RMB 150 only gets you 220ml (that might sound like a lot but to put it in perespective, people will even buy this empty bottle for RMB 68 and a coaster for RMB 103!).

Get out there and be merry, Beijing!

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