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Trump Hotels in China; Fly Virgin to Australia; Air China's New No-Check Baggage
Will Trump Hotels come to China?
Talking Travel: Another Look at Air China
Air China (CA) has been an occasional...
Air China Misspeaks on London; Hainan Flies to Las Vegas; Hotel Jen Joins the CBD
Air China's inflight magazine had a thing or two to say about ...
The Far Less Expensive Way to Visit Koh Samui
Here's a real-life travel situation and a potential way to solve it.
Talking Travel: LAX-Beijing Route Remains Red Hot
For all the new air routes that have been added between Beijing and other parts of the world over the past two years, one still seems to attract m
Measles Season: Yet Again, a Vancouver Outbreak is Traced to Beijing
It's been 11 months since our last measles blog, so we'll take that as a small victory.
Air China Expands San Francisco Service; Travel Info from around the Internet
Air China is increasing its service to San Francisco from daily to 11 times per week
Traveling for Spring Festival? Maybe Make Those Plans for March
If you're planning to travel during Spring Festival (Chinese New Year), you may wish to make plans for another time, either before or after the ho
Flying First Class in China: Is It Worth It?
With a brief trip to Guangzhou earlier this week, I had a chance to examine one of China’s travel questions: is it worth it to fly first class?
China Shows off Its New Locally-Made Passenger Aircraft
The biggest travel news so far this week is that a Chinese company launched its...
Ctrip, Qunar Merge; More New Flights from Air China
Ctrip and Qunar are merging to create a large, new travel booking entity.
UK Changes Visa Rules for PRC Passport Holders: Air China Announces Slate of New Routes; Bali Visas Tighten
The gift that China's President Xi Jinping's seems to bring with him on every state visit lately is improved visitor visa regulat
Where to Go for Spring Festival 2016; Beijing to Hong Kong in Eight Hours
As I wrote on Tuesday, now is the time to plan your next holiday, which means Christmas or for non-home visits, Spring Festival/Chinese New Year,
Air China Begins Service to Four Asian Destinations; What Goes In a Carry-on
I've seen about 700 news items that Air China is beginning non-stop service betw
Why You Should Book Your October 1 Holiday This Week
It's time for us to invoke one of the Talking Travel desk's most important maxims: book your next holiday as soon as you get back from the...