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DP Not Terrified of Crowds? Visit These Domestic Destinations This Chinese New Year
If you've got limited amounts of time in China, the Chinese New Year opportunity should not be wasted.
Adventurous China: Three Spectacular Domestic Escapes
Not enough money or time to leave China? Fret not – there are plenty of opportunities to suit every type of traveler, regardless of the season.
China Bang Awards to Honor Top Tech Innovators
As the New Year heralds yet another awards season, one batch of trophies is clearly more futuristic and cutting edge than all the rest.
Shortcuts to Adventure - Part 2/5
  This series, first published in beijingkids, highlights 15 travel destinations within a three-hour flight...
Talking Travel: Three Domestic Destinations to Visit in 2014
Originally we said this week would be four destinations, but in good conscience we decided to stick with three. For these destinations all you'll...
Online Donation Channels Open for Sichuan Earthquake
  The death toll from the 7.0 magnitude earthquake...
Breaking News: 6.6 Earthquake Strikes Sichuan
It's been a horrible, horrible week for news. This morning, just as the...
Festival Countdown: Zebra Music Festival (Poly 198 Park, Chengdu)
As always, May is the festival season for live music. the Beijinger Blog will be running a festival series in the following days, offering round-up...