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Throwback Thursday: A New Era For Buying Chinese New Year Fireworks in Beijing
Fireworks usage in Beijing is expected to decline once again this Spring Festival, a trend that shows a radical departure from just nine years ago
A Teacher's Advice to His Students for Staying Safe during Spring Festival
As a teacher at a study abroad program here in Beijing, I feel it's my duty not only to introduce the wonders of Chinese civilization to impressio
Friday is Beijing's Last Day for Temple Fairs, to Buy Fireworks
Friday is the last big day of Spring Festival celebrations, at least as far as Beijing is concerned, so get out there and temple fair and firework
Sales of Fireworks Down to Their Lowest Level in Years
There's a lot of shopping going on ahead of Sunday night's Spring Festival celebrations, but one traditional item is proving less popular this yea
Family Feud: Memories of an Explosive Spring Festival
Spring Festival is a time for family and blowing shit up, but since I grew up in Virginia without extended family or illegal fireworks, Chinese Ne
Fireworks Frenzy: Get Your Fireworks Now At These Stores
In what seems to be an attempt to gradually squeeze the two weeks of madness that ensue every Spring Festival, this year, fireworks will only be o
Chinese New Year Prep: Dealing with Your Pet's Fireworks Phobia
Fireworks, usually explosions of joy and cheer to ring in Chinese New Year, can unfortunately mean miserable nights for some dogs.
Beijing to Limit Spring Festival Fireworks Sale and Use
Beijing will actively limit the use of fireworks during the 2016 Spring Festival period for the first time since their sale and use was permitted
Got a Minute? Incredible Aerial Video of Beijing on New Year's Eve
Wondered what Beijing looked like from the air this Chinese New Year?
Fireworks Contributes to Pollution, But Next Few Days’ Air Quality Excellent
The fireworks on the fifth day of the Lunar calendar (chuwu, last Sunday) proved a bit too much for the sky too handle.
Let’s Get Cracking: Where to Buy Fireworks
Thinking of setting off your own fireworks this year?
Spring Forward: Making the Most out of Chinese New Year
We’re not fans of the phrase “Chinese New Year.” I mean, we’re in China, after all.
Millenium Monument is the Place to Be for Midnight Fireworks on New Years' Eve
[Updated 12/29, 11am: This just in: news reports indicate the midnight display will be on a digital screen only, visible only from inside...