Let’s Get Cracking: Where to Buy Fireworks

Thinking of setting off your own fireworks this year? Make sure you know what you are doing, as Beijing cuts firework selling days down to eleven (February 12 to 23) – the least amount of days in eight years, China Daily reports. On top of that, only 942 firecracker stalls were approved this year, also down from previous years. The Hope is that less fireworks will reduce pollution levels across the city (as well as injuries and the WWIII vibe as a byproduct).

Between February 17 and 18, fireworks are allowed 24 hours per day. From February 19 until March 4, fireworks are allowed from 7am to midnight.

There is a common misconception that fireworks are only allowed outside the Fifth Ring, thankfully this is not true, with the exception of the airport, other important transport hubs, gas stations (well, duh …), warehouses for flammable materials, medical institutions, kindergartens and nursing homes, cultural heritage locations, subway and bus stations, parks, lawns and military sites. That leaves absolutely nowhere left to set your fireworks off, but if you want to buy some anyway, here is how to do it.

A great place to start is Doudou, who have completely missed the irony on APEC Blue fireworks, a gem in their extensive collection. Allegedly they contribute less to the air pollution, and are made using the same science behind the fireworks used during the APEC summit.

If you speak and read Chinese, you can ring them up to order your fireworks, and pick them up from any of their many locations. If you don’t, head to any of these locations below, and gesticulate wildly (without accidentally buying too many explosives or the ones that might blow your face off).

Workers’ Stadium North Gate, Dongcheng District

Jinyuchi Xijie Nankou (East Side), Dongcheng District

Yuetan Nanjie, Wanfang Shopping Center (East Side), Xicheng District

Xi Neidajie, Jinxiang Pharmacy (Parking Lot), Xicheng District

Chaoyang Gongyuan Qiao (Northeast Corner), Chaoyang District

Baiziwan Lu and Shimen Lu Junction (Southwest Corner), Chaoyang District

Anzhen Jiedao, 15 Huangsi Dajie, west of Jingya Grand Hotel, Chaoyang District

1A Xizhimen Beidajie, south of Haodekuai Pharmacy, Haidian District

18 Yuanmingyuan Xilu, Zhongfa Baiwang City (Southern Square), Haidian District

Yuqiaodi District, Yu Qiao Xilu, opposite Yiyuan Xili Area, Tongzhou District

And remember, be safe kids! No one wants to end up on a public awareness fireworks safety poster.

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FINALLY, an article to help facillitate more tnt explosions within the city. What took you so long!?

It such a relief to read that fireworks aren't only allowed outside the fifth ring! Still kind of a bummer that you have to be on the lookout for flammable materials and kindergartens, but still, whew!

So yea, man really let's get cracking! Only 942 stalls to find get stuff to blow up sh*t isn't many, but...home delivery!

Whoohoo.....we gonna light sh*t on fiiyyya! Burn babay.

See Also: "Firestarting Preschool Classes Now available in Wang Jing!"

And: "Love Hurts, The Best Balms for Second Degree Burns."

squid wrote:
It such a relief to read that fireworks aren't only allowed outside the fifth ring!  Still kind of a bummer that you have to be on the lookout for flammable materials and kindergartens, but still, whew!

Banning fireworks near kindergartens is one of those knee-jerk, no-brainer regulations. Never mind that virtually all of Beijing's kindergartens will be 100% vacant for the holidays.

Meanwhile, most kids of kindergarten age will be running amok in the areas where fireworks allowed (and of course taking part in the fun)




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It pisses me off that I have to worry about WHERE I am going to make my explosions.

Next thing you know the government is going to make a regulation that I can't light off a fireball where it could potentially blew someones eyes out who happens to be walking innocently down the street. I hate that kind of babysitting government.

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